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Technical Assistance


Services are provided via each of the eight Regional programs, the Oregon School for the Deaf, and partner organizations such as the Commission for the Blind, and the Oregon Parent Training and Information Center. Each Regional program, and each of the special schools have a Regional Consulting Teacher working with the teams for children who are deafblind. Once children have been identified as Deafblind, a team is eligible for Team Training.

The project also provides support, consultation and assistance to families of students who are deafblind. Annually, the Project hosts at least one parent or family weekend for training and networking purposes.

Technical assistance includes on-site consultation, inservice training, workshops, and assistance with program development. The Technical Assistance offered by the project attempts to match what a child's educational or service provider team, a child's family, or the child NEEDS. It can include one or more of the following:

Technical assistance may be provided onsite and is scheduled to occur at times best suited to the family, service providers, and the district or organization.

Training Opportunities

The project will provide training directly, or facilitate appropriate training. Training can be face-to-face or via distance media.

The project collaborates with pre-service programs run by universities and colleges - to provide their students with insight into the world of Deafblindness.

Annual Parent Learning Weekends

Each year, the Project will organize and host a Parent Learning Weekend. Planning will be done through the Parent Leader Committee - which meets two or three times between December and June of each year to determine location, topics and other logistics. The Parent Learning Weekends are usually held in summer as this is the most likely time for parents to be able to attend. The Project will arrange for contracts (e.g., hotel, interpreter, presenters). The Oregon Department of Education is financial co-sponsor of this annual event.

Other family events will also be organized - for purposes of recruitment as well as to create a stronger family network within Oregon.

For information about training or technical assistance, contact:
Carlie Rhoads, Director Oregon Deafblind Project
Phone: 503-838-8328
Email: rhoadsc@wou.edu
Mailing address:
Oregon Deafblind Project
The Research Institute
345 N. Monmouth Ave
Monmouth, OR 97361

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