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Deafblindness Resources

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Deafblindness Overview Resources

Oregon Deafblind Project Overview Information

Click to view the Oregon Deafblind Project's Eligibility Chart.

Click to download and review Four basic categories of Deafblindness.

The CHARGE Syndrome Foundation

The National Center on Deaf-Blindnessis a national technical assistance and dissemination center for children and youth who are deaf-blind.

The National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders

The Oregon Deafblind Project’s 2006 Spring newsletter report on screening for Usher Syndrome using saliva samples and genetic testing.

Gayle Unplugged: by Gayle Yarnall, Director, Perkins Products. This site addresses "hints for real life" and how blind people cope with the situations that occur about fifty times a day.


The National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness fact sheet Receptive Communication - How Children Understand Your Messages to Them

The National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness fact sheet Expressive Communication.

Activities and Instruction

Ordering information for: Calendars for Students with Multiple Impairments Including Deafblindness by Robbie Blaha.

"All About Me" bag

information on creating experience books.

Remnant books

story bag ideas.

Sign Language and Braille Resources

Click for an example of a fingerspelling chart.

Practice your skills at reading fingerspelling.

Order ASL songs on DVD.

Learn ASL at: "ASL University."

the MSU ASL Browser.

Family Health Reference To ASL

MAPS Resources

MAPS: Planning for the Future of a Student with Visual and Hearing Impairments (Source: California Deaf-Blind Services). This is an excellent booklet on the process, from start to finish, which includes examples of the "maps.) Also available in Spanish.

The McGill Action Planning System (MAPS): A strategy for building the vision. Article by Vandercook, T., York, J., and Forest, M. (1989). The Journal of the Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps, 14.

Higher Education

Graduate School Success for Students with Disabilities

Understanding Cyberbullying in College

College Affordability Guide

Western Oregon University | The Research Institute | The Oregon Deafblind Project

Ideas that work, IDEA logo

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